What’s Your Root?

So my week this week has been crazy hectic and I’m worn out! It looks like my weekend is building up to be busy as well so I have to make sure and take it easy when I can. For instance, tonight when I get home from work I’m gonna put on my PJ’s first thing and curl up in the bed with my cats and find something fun to watch on TV and do absolutely nothing! It’s gonna be fabulous. I’ll be sure and turn off the TV early enough to try and meditate before I go to sleep.

Sunday, we watched a documentary on Netflix called “Root Cause.” If you have chronic health issues and or mysterious fatigue and illness, I strongly urge you to watch this film!

The movie starts off with a young healthy man who gets into a scruff and looses a tooth and a few years later he starts having debilitating, daily fatigue for which no one could understand or find an explanation. His symptoms and depression were so very similar to my own! After years of spending thousands on holistic doctors, vitamins, and new age treatments (that was me too), basically just grasping at straws, he went to a practitioner that suggested it was his teeth that were causing the fatigue. In a state of disbelief he researched and found a holistic dentist who did 3D X-Rays and sure enough, there was a bacterial infection found where he had had the previous root canal.

Years ago I had all 4 of my impacted wisdom teeth pulled and I have a crown on one of my molars that desperately needed replacing. So you bet your ars that I called my dentist the next morning. I searched for a dentist in my city that uses the protocol they used in the film and actually found one but he wanted $315 for x-rays and a consultation and did not take insurance. I initially said that I would go anyway, but after thinking about the cost of oral surgery, I decided against it. Hopefully one day I will be able to see him and have my jaw looked at. But I did see my holistic dentist, who takes insurance, and agrees that I need to have that crown replaced which is scheduled for next Monday. Ugh! Not looking forward to it. I am however looking forward to possibly feeling better after getting this fixed! My health has been declining more rapidly over the past 8 months and coincidently  it’s been about that long since I noticed that the crown wasn’t fitting correctly and needed replacing. I just didn’t connect the two things until after I watched the documentary. Yes I should have taken care of it sooner but it’s so expensive and I have a little bit of a fear of dentist. I’m just glad I’m finally going. On a side note, now understanding the connection between our teeth and our bodies, the whole oil pulling thing makes so much more since! I’ve been trying to be more consistent about oil pulling as well!

So back to my week, like many people with autoimmune disease, I have insomnia. I sleep better than I used to BUT I’m usually a rediculously light sleeper and…its time for a new mattress. I’ve been researching like crazy and I originally wanted a hybrid mattress but if you’re looking for what’s known by mattress people as “motion isolation” (the ability of a mattress to absorb movement without the transfer of energy. I guess. lol. I was trying to provide an intelligent sounding definition but it basically means a mattress that allows for one person to move and the partner not to feel it! lol) then foam or latex mattresses are the way to go. If heat is an issue for you like it is me, thank you neuropathy and crazy hormones, then don’t spend extra on a cooling mattress, just get a foam gel mattress pad. Mine has been life changing! Lol. but if you’re in the market for a mattress, this website sleeplikethedead.com has been extraordinarily useful.

So, what am I eating this week?

This week I made a delicious vegetable soup from thehealthymaven.com. I’ve been making this recipe for a couple of years now. It’s my go-to when I’m out of money and energy and need something easy and cheap to make. Of course I forgot to take a picture of my soup so the one here is from the original recipe. If you would like to try the recipe, trust me you should, then click here.

Another thing I do from time to time is make homemade ranch dressing. Since I am allergic to dairy, ranch dressing is one of the many great things on the long list of yummy deliciousness that I can’t eat. I have tried the gluten free/dairy free ranch dressings but because they have to put so much other stuff in it to make it taste halfway normal, it’s usually almost always over processed. The Daiya one is actually pretty decent but it has yeast and I can’t have yeast because of systemic candida overgrowth (one of my many root causes that I did test positive for via my functional medicine doctor) so one day out of complete frustration I learned how to make my own. I studied some ranch recipes that looked good and figured out new wet ingredients and ratio of dry ingredients to wet ingredients and it’s amazing and VERY convincing. Here’s my Paleo Ranch Recipe.

After I made the dressing, I put some in some small to-go containers to store for my lunches and put what was left in a large container for later which I think I may use next week for some pasta. We will see.

And here is my lunch box….Vegetable Soup, Cucumber, Yellow Squash, and Carrots w/ Paleo Ranch dressing for dipping, & a half Granny Smith Apple.

I hope you are having a great week and if you have any questions about the recipes or any topics discussed feel free to ask! Blessings!

Great things happen to those who don’t stop believing, trying, learning, and being grateful.” – Roy T. Bennett

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